Early Aviators

Wizard Stone

Arthur Burr ‘Wizard’ Stone’s Metz-Blériot at Eagle Farm. The American stuntman’s aeroplane was an odd contraption of wood, wire and canvas. Image: The Courier-Mail

Eagle Farm became one of Queensland's early aviation hotspots on 16 August 1912, when Arthur Burr ‘Wizard’ Stone, a daredevil American, flew his Metz-Blériot monoplane for Brisbane aviation enthusiasts. It was the dawn of Australia's aviation age.

The crowds cheered the flying ace higher into the air above Eagle Farm racecourse, the aeroplane climbing and swooping in an astounding display of aeronautics. A Cadillac on the ground was hurtling around the track at nearly 80 kilometres per hour. The plane was easily outracing the car, but this was hard to tell, as the car and the aeroplane were travelling in opposite directions

With his aerial acrobatics, Wizard Stone introduced Queensland to the romance of flight and the reality of aviation. Avid aviation enthusiasts sang the praises of the daredevil American. But it was his teenage apprentice and mechanic, a young Bert Hinkler, who was to become one of Queensland’s greatest aviation heroes. 

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