Postwar Airport

Eagle Farm Airport: Version 2.0

Qantas jet at Eagle Farm Airport. Continuing improvements to post-war aircraft boosted civil aviation.

When the war ended and the Americans departed, they left behind the best and most modern airport in Australia. The Commonwealth wasted no time in utilising the Eagle Farm site for Brisbane and Queensland’s main airport, relegating Archerfield to light aircraft use. Australian National Airways (ANA) and Trans Australia Airlines (TAA) moved their operations to Eagle Farm.

Continuing improvements to post-war aircraft boosted civil aviation. From a post-war era when flying interstate (let alone overseas) was a rarity, as the 1950s morphed into the 1980s air travel became commonplace.

In the 1970s as commercial jumbo jets started to arrive, plans were already underway to move the airport to a vastly-expanded site to the north east. Cribb Island was reclaimed and over 900 residents relocated. Construction of the new Brisbane Airport began in 1980. It was opened in 1988 by Prime Minister Bob Hawke in time for Expo ’88. In 1995 the new International Terminal opened. It was expanded in 2009. As new suburbs emerged the original Eagle Farm airport changed, eventually becoming part of Australia Trade Coast, an industrial and commercial precinct servicing the city.

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